Communication Networks

Communication Networks

FTI has over 35 years designing Communication
Networks or Critical Systems. These Networks are
primarily ground based, utilising optical fibres.

The choice of components is crucial for the
Communication Network being fit for purpose. Reliability,
system availability and operating life time are some of
the key requirements for safety critical systems.

Design knowledge of Communication Equipment and in
particular the interfaces, gives the ability to guarantee
Integration of the System End Equipment with the

Airport / Airside

Control Tower CNS

Employing predominately high reliability ring structures to
interconnect Comms, Navigational Aids and Surveillance
Systems to Control Towers.

Solutions for CAT III b Instrumentation Landing Systems,
Navigational Aid, meeting the ICAO Standard for
changeover in the case of Cable/Line Faults.
FTI designed equipment is in operation at London

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