Aviation Network Infrastructure CNS

Airport/Airfield Comms

Comms Systems Networked to Control Tower:

The following Comms Systems have been proven with
the 1240 CNS Multiplexer: -

Radio Transmitters & Receivers
    Main (A), Standby (B) & Emergency (E)
    VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol ED137B & C
    PCM 4W E&M (Including Phantom Earth)

VCCS Voice Communication Control System
    IP based ED137B & C

Voice Data Recorders
    IP based ED137B & C

ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
    4W E&M

Emergency Services
    Fire Station
    Fire Alarm
    Crash System
    Outside Agencies

Transitioning from 25KHz to 8.33KHz Radios ?
Issues with ED137 Latency ?
Please see #1240 CNS Multiplexer.