Aviation Ground Infrastructure CNS

Surveillance Networks

En Route & Airport/Airfield Radars

The first ATC Surveillance Radars in the UK, connected
cross site by optical fibres, was by FTI in 1984 for the
CAA at Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Replacing BT's leased
lines, project pay back period was 5 years.

FTI has Networked (IP & Non-IP) the following types of
ATC Air Traffic Control Surveillance Radars: -

    ADS-B Auto Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
    MLAT Multilateration
    PAR Precision Approach Radar
    PSR Primary Surveillance Radar
    Radar Flight Displays
    SMR Surface Movement Radar
    SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar

Networked to Control Towers over leased Telecom lines
and optical Fibre cables.

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