Legacy Comms to Asynchronous Packets

In Aviation & other Industries there's a technology
change from TDM to IP Networks, timeslot to packet
based operation.

Telecom Service Providers are phasing out TDM leased
lines and replacing TDM with IP Networks. In the UK,
BT's Kilostream (64Kb/s) & Megastream (2048Kb/s)
TDM services are being withdrawn by 31Mar2020.

FTI has solutions for TDM Systems to enable migration
of these proven Systems to IP Networks.

Aviation organisations such as Eurocontrol and the
Federal Aviation Administration are mandating
interoperability requirements to meet the forecast
growth in air travel.

Systems based on IP Networks are seen as having
greater resilience to TDM because of the distributed
network intelligence, greater functionality and flexibility.

Security, performance, configuration, access,
monitoring, optimisation, verification of IP Networks for
critical infrastructure are the main goals.

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