Products Overview


Commercial Off The Shelf products (COTS) are evaluated
and tested to ascertain reliability, performance; how well
the products integrate & network with the chosen End
Equipment/Systems and in doing so, proving fit for


Equipment Design

Application requirements not met by COTS products, FTI
designs and manufactures a range of high reliability
network equipment and power supplies, providing resilient
communications and power.

The network equipment designs include self-healing
networks,path protection, auto changeover equipment
and remote management.
For example please see: -
#1240 CNS Multiplexer.

FTI's Communication equipment supports Data, Voice
& Video applications meeting ITU, IEFT, ETSI,
EUROCAE, IEEE, TIA/EIA Interface standards.

Whatever you are interested in, COTS and/or Custom
Designed Equipment, Product Variations, Software -
please do not hesitate to contact us.