System Integration


System Integration

FTI provides System Integration expertise ensuring
VoIP, Video & Data (IP & Non-IP) are networked
deterministically, reliably, and effectively.

'System Integration', as implied here, is the Integration
of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) or Custom
Networking Equipment with Systems. System Integration
is achieving the required operation and performance of
the End Equipment/Systems, over the Network.

In the case of Non-IP, System Integration includes the
connectivity of the Interface(s) between the Network and
the End Equipment/System(s).

System Integration of Non-IP Systems requires, design
knowledge of the Non-IP physical interfaces to ascertain
the COTS or Custom Equipment is fit for purpose in
specifying Critical Network Infrastructure.

As a designer of Communication Network Interfaces
converting electrical signals to optical, FTI ensures the
physical interface, transmission protocol & configuration
to other Manufacturers' System Equipment is matched

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